Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Karen, the maker, creator, teacher and entrepreneur behind Indigo Craft Room. My journey began 32 years ago in Venezuela. After finishing high school, I moved with my family to Barcelona (Spain), where I finished my degree in journalism and editorial publishing. In 2014 I moved alone to Munich (Germany) to work and learn the language. Munich changed my life, but before going back there I had to make another international stop. I lived in the Netherlands between 2018 - 2020, and it was there where the craft room gave its first steps.

In autumn 2018 I launched Indigo Craft Room, an online shop for handcrafted stationery. My hand-marbled and hand-dyed journals and albums travelled to the USA, the UK, France and other European countries. Meanwhile, people kept asking me for teaching them how to bind their own books. In 2019 I joined the learning path and started organizing bookbinding workshops across the Netherlands.

2020 was meant to be THE YEAR of the Craft Room, and somehow it actually was a very important year in my personal and professional life. In 2020 I launched not one, but three DIY Kits for home, I created the first Indigo Bookbinding Challenge and guess what? I moved back to Munich and opened my first studio!

Creativity has changed my life and made me realize that we can create happiness around us with just a piece of paper and some craft tools.

My mission is to inspire you and bring you closer to traditional crafts techniques like bookbinding and marbling. I'm here to guide you, show you the way and accompany you whenever you need some #craftspiration!

Are you ready to join this colourful and creative journey?

Currently, I'm taking a break. If you wish to get in touch, you can contact me via e-mail or phone.