handmade imperfection

Indigo Craft Room combines the best of three different traditional craft techniques: bookbinding, marbling and shibori dye. The result is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted collection of stationery and home décor items. All my products are made in limited editions, with special care and love for the details.

A day in the Craft Room
The Craft Room is not just the room next to my bedroom. It's the place where magic happens: my (quite often) messy place, full of paper, paints and tools. This is my favourite room in the house and where I spend most of my time. Very cozy in the winter and a tropical nightmare in the summer.

If these walls could talk, they would explain you about the nights I have spent here working on a new product or preparing for a market. They will play my favourite Spotify list for you and tell you about my weekly routine.

Magic requires special ingredients and I do my best to make sure that they are truly homemade. From the paper that covers the book, to the gift tag that decorate your packaging box: everything is done here in the Craft Room!

Where my inspiration comes from
Have you ever heard about Marbling or Shibori Dye? Probably not. These terms were also unknown for me until a couple of years ago, when I got interested in traditional crafts and started reading about it and experimenting with it. I use both techniques to design my own paper. Why? Because I want each of my products to be a real one-of-a-kind! Because I believe in the beauty of the handmade: #beautifulhandmadeimperfection.

Shibori is a japanese resist dye technique: you can fold the fabric (or paper in my case) in different ways and dye it in indigo to create geometrical patterns. While Shibori is mostly unknown for most of the people, Marbling can be easier to remember when it's associated e.g. with the typical marbled easter eggs. Marbling is painting on water: improvisation plays an important role here, since the marbling ink floats on the water and, even if you try to reproduce a pattern, you can never be sure for it to look the same.

So, I made the paper: what's next?
There are as many books as people in this world. But are they really one-of-a-kind like each of us? I don't make books because we all need a piece of paper to write on. I make books because we all have special moments that we want to keep in our memories forever: on paper, written with ink. And those special moments deserve a special, one-of-a-kind frame.

But wait, working alone in your craft room may be boring, right?
I love to be surrounded by my papers and my tools and can easily forget about time and space. But yes, sometimes sitting alone in your craft room can be less challenging than let's say teaching others to make their own books. And I love challenges! So, I take my Craft Room out for a walk every now and then and go on tour to share my passion for paper, bookbinding and creativity with other people. Because creativity makes us all happy!

You read about my Craft Room and the techniques I work with... but, who am I and how did I end up here?

Hi, I am Karen, 31, and just moved back to Munich with my boyfriend and our two lovely, crazy cats. I founded the Craft Room in 2018, while I was living in Groningen, the Netherlands.

I studied journalism and editorial publishing and worked for several years in the publishing sector in Barcelona and Munich. Books are an important part of my life (and at least 5-6 moving boxes). A few years ago I did my first bookbinding workshop and from that day I have always been fascinated by this art.

Indigo Craft Room is not just my brand or my job: it is a way of life, for you and me. With Indigo Craft Room I am building the life I decided I want to live: slow, honest, self-made.

But when you buy one of my products or join one of my workshops, you are also making this choice. You are saying yes to:


So thanks for being here, supporting me and welcome to the Indigo Craft Room universe
– I hope you’ll stay here as long as I do.